Looking for Scriptcase Developer for long-term jobs


Looking for Scriptcase Developer for long-term jobs.

We can start with one of the projects. If all goes ok, an opportunity to work with the developer on other projects pending.


Hi, I am interested. Working with SC since 2015. Over 80 projects in many areas. ERP, Billing, logistics with Google maps, restaurants, POS, etc. Programing in other languages and databases over 30 years. Spanish-speaking. Gbillot@gmail.com.

Hola tengo mas de 8 años trabajado con scriptcase, he realizado proyectos en diferentes áreas y puedo trabajar en el desarrollo de nuevos proyectos, saludos

yes, i can also work on scriptcase . i working on scriptcase since 2014 or more.

Hi, I am interested, working on Scriptcase since 2016.

Hello, I am interested, I have been working with SC since version 7: I am located in the USA, I speak English and Spanish. Octort@gmail.com

Many industries. Insurance, financial, manufacturing, accounting, chemical, printing, and more. Scriptcase versions since 2012.

what is your business email?

I am interested. Since 2013 I am SC developer. More info on: mitja.znidaric@gmail.com

Hi, i am interested, have been developing since 2018 with Sc, Made 7 projects in administration, paint labs, car workshops, payroll, medical áreas.