Lookup does not work correctly in a field with capture link

I Have two fields in a control app, but it is the same with any app. The first field, works as expect, but the second one does not show the description. For me the lookup function is not executing for the second field, as well as other fields that have defined subsequent capture link.


Sorry sir, can you explain more your problem?

What’s description does not show?
What is field type?
do you have a two fields with lookup?

if possible, send a screen shot showing better your problem.

Best regard,
Netmake team

Hi Artur,

The description that no show is the of the second field defined with capture link. Both of them has been defined as a lookup funcition to show the description of them, but the second one does not show it. If you remove the capture link and filled manually the field, the description appears as I expected.

Thanks in advance.