Lot of bugs in GRID (9.5)

It’s very annoying:

  • Project created in early 9.x versions, updated with no problems.
  • The GRID apps working well until i tried to change any group or field.
  1. Sometimes the label from the field changes (randomly, sometimes happens, others no) and take the label of the first added field in the group.
  2. After generate the app, when run i get the error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare grid_(app_name)lookup::lookup_res_ano_SC_1() in (PATH)\grid(app_name)_lookup.class.php on line 43

So in fact, i get a broken app, i’m forced to restore an older version or making a new one…

Any suggestions???

I realized that in file "app_name"lookup.class.php the function lookup_res(field)_SC_1 it’s duplicated or more (as far as fields in the group). And i suposse it’s related with the annoying “same label” error too…

OK, if you edit manually the file (the one named xxxxx_lookup.class.php in your app folder) and change thhe function:

function lookup_res_“label”_SC_1


function lookup_res_“correctfieldlabel”_SC_1

it magically works.