Macro sc_time_diff

Hello, I am new to SC9, I have to calculate a difference between 2 hours and that I can see it on the screen and save it to the base, I am trying with sc_time_diff but it does not show me the formatted result. Eg if the difference is 9:10 it saves me 91:00. Like to enter the time I have to put 09:00 always a 0 ahead.
Thank you.

I have the same problem, it works fine if the output hours are more than 10 it will output correctly “10:30” or whatever, but when it calculates the return value to be lower that 10 like “9:45” it will output as “94:5”

I have tried to change the field attributes to text instead of time, which does output correctly but will not save and replies with the error “invalid data type” I’m going to try to find another way to invoke an input mask, I’ll post here if I find something that works