Making a testennvironment

I have a working project.
So far so good.
Because I want to do some experiments I want to create a testenvironment with exactly the same apllications and the same tables.
Let’s say I have a project called project01 and a database also with the name project01
Now I create a new empty project with the name project01test and a database with the name project01test.
I can copy all the applications to the project01test and also all tables to the project01test.
But now I have to go to every table and change the connection to the new connection.
Thats a lot of work.
But at the end the login does not work although it’s exactly the same application.

How to handle in such situations?
Is there another way to go.?

Regards, Bert

Bert, I have a full otap street running. I have for each environment a separate database. The only thing you need to do (once) is to define your connection in the different environments using the _lib. That’s all. If you need more info, please get me on skype, after all you’re a connection :wink:

He means like a branch on CSVs. You can expresa edit and change connection for all applications.

hi albert,

sorry for my late reply. i am in the hospital now for 8 days.
Like to learn this otap street from you. this would be great because some of my sc apps are in “production” now and have to act prof.
I come back to you on skype after i am out of the hospital.
regards bert

all good I hope… feel better soon =D.

Ok bert, that’s ok. Good recovery.


Copying application and using different connection

Hi Aducom

I have the same issue as Bert but didn’t see a final solution. I saw the _lib bit but unsure where to go after that.

Are you able to help me?

Many thanks - Mark

Aducom meant that you need to set the connection of your database in your production environment (see the manual under production environment).