Master/Detail Form - delete dependencies

When a record in a Master table is deleted SC gives two options for deleting the dependent records in the Detail table:

  1. Delete dependencies without warning
  2. Warn when there are dependencies

I suggest to add a third option

  1. Do nothing and let the database to cascade the delete

In fact if the Detail table is created with a foreign key ON DELETE CASCADE then it’s full responsibility of the database and not of Scriptcase to manage the deletion of the dependent records under the same transaction.
In such case SC should do nothing.

Moreover I would like to report a BUG in case of 1)
The deletion of the dependent records automatically managed by SC is carried on a separate transaction than the deletion of the master record; this can break referential integrity of the database if something goes wrong with the deletion of the master record , because you are left with the master record intact but the details record are gone.

Why is the third option needed?
To let the db manage it, just don’t create the dependency in SC.