Master/Detail form - keep header

How do I keep the header in master detail forms?
I want to load the same css and javascript all over the project in master detail forms but apparently scriptcase removes it when they are embedded into a form.

So I can see the header if I load them individually but not when it’s inside a form. How do I do so?

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If it’s the header of a detail app you want (I presume), then in the detail app itself just enable the header in the layout section of the app

In this case it is a form, regardless of header being enabled or not in the layout section. You can see it (or not if disabled) in the app itself but not when it’s as a master detail inside of another app (again another form).

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Ok - reread this - not sure I’m clear

If you are after setting css for the app then enabling header / footer is not the same as entering styles in like say the <head> bit of a page.

If you are looking to add styles in the app then just add the CSS you require in onApplicationInit or onLoad - escape out PHP first and then escape back in after your CSS