Master/Detail in Grid Loads Very Slow


Currently, when we create a Grid Application that contains master/detail in the grid, then the record detail will be loaded right after the master record is loaded, too. This causes the page is loaded very slow, moreover if I have thousand records in the detail table (even if the detail record of each master only three - five records).

To fix this problem, then detail records should be loaded only when user needs it. The question is, can you fix this by adding AJAX functionality for displaying the detail record? In other words, the detail record should be loaded only when user click on the (+) button/icon.

Masino Sinaga

Does any have an idea about the above case. I am also facing the same issue. It takes ages to list records. There are around 2,000 entries in the table. It would be nice if we could partial load the records and ajax load the rest on request. In the settings, we have the option to set the Lines Per Page. But that is of no help in this case. Any ideas?

Facing the same problem here. We have over 1 million records of details. Would appreciate a solution

I’m also having the same issue.

General: poor performance in such matters is usually due to a bad / wrong query. Show your query / the generated query and we can say more …

Or the lack of a correct index.

I agree with Albert.
Should be an index problem.
Wich DB (MySql, SqlServer, other )?
I advise you not to use views in one-to-many relationships because of poor performance.
If you can provide the schema of tables involved in the query we can evaluate it.

I run application with milions of record without problems.