Menu items that , once clicked, open a new tabs close to last one

I got to find the way to run applications clicking on menu items and at same time to open automatically a new tab .
I did search but not able to find a easy solution.
It’s sound strange that SC do not have this feature embedded…

i dont understand your question. In the title you want to open a new app and close the opened tabs and in the text you want to open a new tab when clicked a menu-item.

So you want to close all tabs when you click on an menu-item? The just DISABLE the option ‘open items in a tab’ in the menu/settings to open only one menu-item at once.

If you want to open a new tab when clicked on the menu ENABLE this option

OK, thanks . I set also Show initial app as tab to on and now user can see also the initial tab too…

so this is working for you?

Yes, thanks . Sorry for delay but I check notification only periodically. Bye