Menu sub-list doesn't disappear when you select an item in menu app ??


I use a menu app with a lot of menu items and sub-items, but when you select one and doesn’t move mouse out of menu list area , it’s stay open ???

Normally when you select an item in a menu it must open the selected app and menu list must be close automatically without any mouse move .


Any idea ???


This looks like a bug!
The menu does close when you move the cursor off the menu, but it should close as soon as a menu selection is made.

It is very confusing to the user the way it works now. Can it be fixed?

Here is an example:

In the sample application, click on Categories.

The categories are shown, but the user does not know what to do because the menu is hiding the form.
The menu should close when Categories is clicked.



No solution ???

It wouldn’t be so difficult to change that for sc developpers !!!

But, it will be very nice for users

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Does anyone have a solution for this?