message 'Invalid data'.

I have a problem when I use a link between a grid with a form.
In the property grid I checked ‘Display button new (row on) the grid toolbar’ so I have the ‘New’ button.
When I press the button I receve an error message ‘Invalid data’.

Any help would be appreciated


Do you still get the “invalid data” message if just before clicking the New button you perform a refresh of the grid?
(right click on the grid and select “Reload frame” or just Reload if the grid is not in a frame)

I tried your advice but I have the same error

I found this happens when if I rename the form application ,
(I chose the option to automatically rename the links;)
but I don’t have the solution if not to redo the whole form

Try “Enable Direct call by URL”

I solved, the problem is caused by the fact that you cannot have applications with the name beginning with a number. :zipper_mouth_face: