Mobile BUG!! Date display (among others... K.I.S.)

I Do NOT, Can NOT, Expect NOT… any sort of resolution and or answer from Netmaker AKA Scriptcase…

However, anyone that can help… Thank you so much!!

I have created a very simple “mobile app” using ‘application type = form’
I incorporated various fields, i.e. lookup, numbers, dates etc.
I have also used jquery mobile and am familiar with ‘building’ mobile form front-ends with data-driven backends. using jquery mobile, one has the option of setting up the Type attribute to options such as tel, number, text etc.
I have also “poked-around” in the folders in the _lib section of a production project to be fairly confident SC is using jquery mobile as a third party.

Here is the problem // BUG :mad:
I have not discovered how to incorporate and/or select many of the jquery features in what is called an SC mobile app.
With both Android and iPhone when I have a selection field, the selection ‘spinner’ appear allowing the user to ‘select’ something. When the field is a date field, jquery mobile allows the user to select the date from the device’s ‘spinner’. However, when SC has a date field the keyboard appears… I DO NOT want the keyboard to appear!! SC… where is the date spinner??? How do I get the date spinner to pop (instead of the keyboard or using the SC date picker -BTW I do not want to use the SC date picker when using the mobile device)???

Thank you,
Stu Buck
Phoenix Arizona


Issue reported to our bugs team.!!

Bernhard Bernsmann