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Hi All,

At shows the mobile form example.

When I accessed it with SAMSUNG GALAXY 10", it displayed as web form.

Tested with iPhone 6 Plus, it displayed correctly.

Is it possible to force the form into mobile app instead when accessed with SAMSUNG GALAXY 10"?


Kelvin Chua

The tablet apparently is seen as a desktop computer by SC. It’s my experience too with a Nexus 7 tablet. No matter what the Request Desktop site setting in the Chrome or Firefox browser.

There is a function sc_menu_force_mobile(true/false), but that only works in the OnLoad of a Menu-application.

Hi Kelvin,


$_SESSION[‘scriptcase’][‘display_mobile’] = false; // force desktop mode


$_SESSION[‘scriptcase’][‘display_mobile’] = true; // force mobile mode

in your form event OnApplicationInit.


Hi everybody,

you need to use :

$_SESSION[‘scriptcase’][‘display_mobile’] = true; // force mobile mode
$_SESSION[‘scriptcase’][‘device_mobile’] = true; // force mobile mode

but seems working only for control and form apps, doesn’t works form grid apps. There is already Mobile setting for grid apps but it doesn’t recognize tablet

How can we force mobile mode for grid apps on tablet ( i tried with nexus 7, lenovopad) ??

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yes i agree dear you $_SESSION[‘scriptcase’][‘device_mobile’] = true; // force mobile mode

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