Mobile Menu Theme NOT changing. Black on Dark Gray is not acceptable

Thank you for your feedback/advice/help/solution

When developing a simple mobile app (SC8), the menu settings do NOT allow any other combination besides black on dark gray for the mobile menu.
((see the attached image for example)) :mad:

SC7 would allow the mobile menu to change based on the theme select.

SC8 (I’m guessing) is using bootstrap to aid the ‘responsive screen’ for mobile devices. IF so, How do I change the menu theme settings?

–Must have a menu theme for mobile device that has a Light ON Dark contrast.



Issue reported to our bugs team.

Bernhard Bernsmann


the themes of the current version are no contrast relative to the background and the text, but you can use a theme from version 7, the “softgray” could solve your problem of contrast.

Thank you!