mobile menu

We’re starting to work on the mobile changes too. We use a white on black menu theme. It looks nice on tablet and pc. But on mobile the menu is turned into a near-black background with black letters. Doesn’t matter if I use a blue theme, same dark (unreadable) background. Is that only me?

No …

Which app making is easy? Android or iPhone?

Since you’re making webapplications, there’s virtual no difference in creating them for IOS, Android or Windows. The only drawback is that all browser have their issues. Especially Safari has a lot of old and unresolved issues. So if you’re on Ios I recommend using Chrome.

Our internal tests shows that Windows and Android is smoother, and works better.

SOME screens / apps on safari / iPhone tend to present some flaws.
Those flaws appears firstly because how safari handles some HTML elements and the “iphone” problem itself is due to the screen resolutions (which may happens with other phones aswell, ex: Blackberry).

We intend to improve the mobile apps in the future.

this is old but i have exactly this problem with SC 9.2. My Mobile Menu is near black background with black color. No way to change it, try for hours allready. Someone know, how to change the background color in Mobile Menu.
Thank’s in advance!

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