mobile setting for grid and control app ??


Why we do not have Mobile settings for grid and control app as we have in form app ???
On mobile grid and control contents are too small, so, is v8 mobile ready ?
Sure not, but v8 was promoted for that !!!


hi nacyil, if you look at it closely, you will find it not that easy, they may need time to make such thing easily available
i guess you need to read more posts and see more webinars when they suffer while even saying it :slight_smile:
I agree with you it must be done, but? still not yet
lets see version 8.1 is coming soon I think in 2 weeks or so, maybe it has something to do in this direction

Thanks for answering MikeDE

I agree with you that it’s not easy but, I don’t know if v8.1 will be an update we have to pay or not.
If yes, I will be not agree because I get v8 also because it was mobile ready announced !!!

So, we will wait and see after that

hmmm regarding the payment, I think if you have the upgrade working then it will be included, it is not new version, it is called major version, you can get it as long as you have valid update plan — that is my opinion

while for bugs, you can update and fix them during version 8 but you will not get the new features included in v 8.1

that is what i understand from their policy and many discussions earlier… not sure too