Modal Form Link

Since the latest updates the modal links are not working. They are ignoring the modal settings and opening in the same window. I have modifying all teh setting i can find but nothing seems to work. I tried this in different browsers (including installing one never used before) and still have the same results.

Has anyone else experienced this? This happens in development and production.

to add to this:

when i first click on teh button to bring up the modal form it opens in same window. However, if i cancel and click the button again it works as designed.

I use another method, in a form, I created a page in my form,
I created a block (tab) which will be on this page,
I made a link to a master / detail form that I want open in this new tab,
it will open in the created page/block,
just adapt it to the form window, it’s not the best,
but I can jump from one page to another, having on each page a mini-form with the fields I need

I would reload the JS libraries that deal with the Modal

@nwdbs… can you explain this a bit. As In do i need to re-install my scripcase? If just one piece i am unsure how to accomplish that.

I would load up the website and then go into Developer mode and make sure all the JS references are loaded.
You may be using outdated JS libraries.
I am not fluent enough with SC to know what libraries it uses for modal windows.

I’m having a similar problem.
there are no console error messages about JS libraries (I wouldn’t expect so because I’m in the dev environment"

I’ve tried many permutations of the following code, but it just opens in a normal tab, rather than a modal.
sc_redir(timeout , , ‘modal’);

I’m a bit bemused… its such a normal thing to do!

Have modals stopped working with a tabbed menu structure?