Multi-action in Grid / Grid View Mode?

I might be missing the forest for the trees here, but I’m going to ask anyway. :slight_smile:

Imagine you have a grid with a list of invoices that are ready to be emailed out. You would like to be able to select invoices 1, 2, 4-6, 10, and 14 to send, but you don’t want to send the others right now.

Ideally there would be a checkbox to the left of each record. You could put a check mark in the invoices you want to send out at the bottom/top/both you could click an action button that passes the invoice numbers as a parameter to a blank application, where a do… while or a for… each command would live. And for each invoice, it would email it out and then update the status to indicate that it has been emailed. At the end it would return you back to the list of invoices to be sent, this time missing the invoices that you just sent out.

And, ideally, there would be a “Select All” / “Select None” toggle option at the top/bottom/both of the checkbox column.

Is this possible with Scriptcase v9.x?


Answering my own question since I did find the answer. This falls into the “wow, that’s way more complicated than it should be” category, but:

Creating a Discount Button for the selected records: Tutorial

Creating a Delete Button for the selected records: Tutorial

I’d love to see this become easier in Scriptcase in the future.


Thats the way to make it work, Using the RUN button.

Not that complicated once you tried the example

Hi Mike,

I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it. But I’d love to see it become a little more integrated into the dev UI.

As an example of Scriptcase doing this (which I greatly appreciate!) - As of version 9.4 when you add a new grid application, there’s a checkbox asking if you also want to generate a new form as well. After setting the default settings in the project, this has saved me hours of work as I no longer have to create a whole new form application, then link it to the grid application, etc.

Another one that would be cool is a re-sort option. For instance, if I have a grid that references a database table, and one of the fields is the “order” column (for lack of a better term) that lists out what order I want the records to display in, it would be awesome if you could click and hold on a “move” icon in the record, drag it, and drop it where you want it. And Scriptcase, for it’s part, on the “onMouseUp” command, would quietly re-order the “order” field to match what you just did.

I get that it’s a small thing, but it’s a user experience item. If I show an accounting person how easy it is to drag and drop items in an invoice to reorder them, they are impressed. That may save them 30 seconds per record, but that extra time adds up.

So, this is more of a “suggested enhancement” than anything else. Make it easier to develop so it’s easier to deploy and for users to use. Continue to put the “rapid” in Rapid Application Development. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response!

As Mike suggested, the solution for selecting records is represented by the RUN button which on the other hand was born exactly for this.
You can find the example in the appropriate section of the site.
As for sorting, you can do better and dynamically sort the grid using the option to list which columns you want the grid to be sorted by.
Look at the “sorting” section and add the appropriate button on the toolbar.


Wouldn’t this be easier using a Form-> Multiple Rows?