Multiple lines form - How to validate the sum of a numeric {field}

Hello, I’m creating an accounting form, multiple rows and I would liek to validate the form based on the sum of a numeric field {dare} and not the single row. The event ONVALIDATE is appling the code for each row inserted in the form multiple rows.

I applied the following code to calculate the sum:

onScriptInit - I create a global variable

[somma] =0; (occur just once)

onValidate - I add to somma each value of the column {dare} and it’s working

[somma] = [somma] + {dare}; (occur onetime for each row)

Validation - I would like to validate like below code. I tried to insert on event ONAFTERINSSERTALL but it’s registering the form and appearing the message “somma incorretta”.

if([somma] != 0){
sc_error_message(“somma incorretta”);

I want that the form is giving error and not recording the form if the sum is not equal to zero.

Can you help me please?

Thank you so much.

Can someone help me please with this?
validate the sum of a column ( numeric field ) in a multiple rows form

use sc_redir(form_tblstatus_1.php); to redirect to same app. You wont see a error message then but no changes are made

You can use ajax event aswell. onBlur you could use same code to inform user there is an error

Thank you so much for the tips.

  1. the code (below in red) on which event should I apply? Is there an event where to put the code that is running just one time after all rows are populated but before to record?

if([somma] != 0){
sc_error_message(“somma incorretta”); // I will try sc_redir as per your advice

I tried on ONAFTERINSSERTALL and it’s recording the wrong form and after executing the code.

  1. sc_redir(form_tblstatus_1.php) - instead of form_tblstatus_1 should I insert the name of my application?

Thanks one million for your help!

GREAT THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SOLUTION nonkelmike! With Sc_redirect it’s not recording the form. I will work on the message for the user by myself!

sc_redir(form_tblstatus_1.php) is indeed the name of the application like like in your list of apps.

Thank you so much!

You can create a SQL in event on after insert for your SUM with a macro SC: