Multiple tab applications open at the same time

I have a application used for order management for services. When I search and select for a customer number a tab application is opening, showing different apps. Three tabs showing different grids, and three for the forms related to this grids.

Then the phone is ringing, and a different customer is on the line, and I need to pull up this customers info in stead. That means the tab application I have open is closing, and then opening again with data connected to the customer on the phone.

Will it be possible to set it up so I can have tab applications for several customers at the same time? It will in principle be several sets of the same tab application showing the same grids and forms, but every tab applications need to work on data from different customer numbers.

I guess this is mainly a matter of sessions and variables, and getting all apps to use the correct variables.

Is this reasonably viable to do in Scriptcase, or will it require a lot of custom coding?

In the Tab Application under the Application Settings. When you add more than 1 application on the same tab they all open.
Rater add new tab in Folder settings and then add then add 1 application to that tab.
You can also in the Application setting enable Iframe reload. This will reload the application when clicking on the Tab.
This way you can select the Tab you want with correct application.

Ok, I will try that.

Thank you very much for the tip!