Multiuser calendar ...... how to ???

I’m going to make a kind of Multiuser Calendar application .
I mean every user can see also the appointments of others ones.
I think I have to see the User name before each appointment description or is it embedded on Calendar automatic app generator ?

I never did a calendar application… With standard I thnk every calendar is linked to singular user but I’m not sure…
Is it possible . Have you short hints on how to … ??


I’ve tried to use this code within the onAfterUpdate and onAfterInsert but nothing happens… ;-((
Is there something wrong or is it not possible…

$new_desc = {creator} . {description};
{description} = $new_desc;


$new_desc = ‘{creator}’ . ‘{description}’;
{description} = $new_desc;

I am trying the same. I will let you know if anything I found as your solution.

There is a way to add some extra fields in the description field. [LIST=1]

  • edit app_name_[B]apl.php[/B] file
  • look for ```html $aSelect['description'] ```
  • you will see somthing like ```html $aSelect['description'] = Bestemming ```
  • change it to desired string using concat: ```html $aSelect['description'] = "concat(Bestemming,'_',Statuut,'_B1_')"; ```


  • Do NOT generate the calendar or changes are lost.
  • You can only use TABLE fields of the linked table. So if the table has an IDcustomer (eg 254) it will only show this ID in the descriptionfield and not the name or whatever. [/LIST] [/LIST]
  • OK thanks , I will try… :wink: