Namespace/use statement and composer fetched/generated code in scriptcase

Dear All,
I am having problems in using by composer fetched/generated code in scriptcase.
I would like to use library’s created by others. More and more the use of composer and using namespaces is common.
May be it is not possible at all but here is an example problem !
Code to implement: require_once DIR . ‘/…/vendor/autoload.php’; use Monolog\Logger; $logger = new Logger(‘Logger’);
This code works in standard php with sources placed in the right directory.
I have placed this code in a blank application in scriptcase which did not work directly. As I understand from the generated code as the ‘use’ statement is not in the main part of the source but in a function namespaces cannot not work.
Than I placed the code in a library monologtest.php in directory C:\Program Files\NetMake\v9\wwwroot\scriptcase\app\security22 _lib\libraries\scriptcase\monologtest.php.
In the main blank execute part I coded this:
Code implemented: monologtest.php:
use Monolog\Logger; $logger = new Logger(‘Logger’);
blank_monologtest: (onExecute): sc_include_library(“Project”, “monolog”, “monologtest.php”, true, true);
This seems to work but I cannot use the objects and functions in the ‘onExecute’-part of the blank_monologtest application.

How can I use objects and their functions/members without copying the object definitions in the ‘onExecute’ section?
I appreciate any help.

Regards Stephan

I, too, would like to know how we can get composer installed libraries that use namespaces to work within Scriptcase.

Anyone have any ideas?

try this:
// remark use statement
//use Monolog\Logger;
$logger = new Monolog\Logger();

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