Navigating between tabs

Complete noob. Hardcoded apps in PHP and SQL before but using a RAD is quite new to me. The biggest challenge is translating what little I know to how it can be done in Scriptcase. BTW, my coding skills in Javascript isn’t very good. I can read and understand it, but never really needed it for the apps I’ve created.

Think I understand the basics of Scriptcase like passing variables, etc. Reading the contents in this forum, watching the tutorials and soliciting the ever patience Scriptcase’s support staff has out helped out tremendously. Something that appears to not be covered in any of the aforementioned mediums is how to change focus in a form, from [name of form]_form3 back to [name of form]_form0.

Created a basic calculator using the Form application. In the Form I blocked and paged out 4 separate sections that look like tabs. When my mouse hovers over the tabs within the form it read “javascript:%20sc_exib_ocult_pag%20(’[name of form_form0’)”

I’ve tried to use “echo <script>sc_exib_ocult_pag (’[name of form_form0’);</ script>” but that didn’t work.

Looking around, I’ve tried:

“echo <script> parent.nm_gp_aba2 ();</ script>”, “sc_redir” and “sc_set_focus”

But can’t seem to get it to work the way I need it too. The first issue is that the entire form is refreshed, which causes whatever I’ve selected to be lost. The second problem, an “Ok” button appears after the button is clicked which does nothing and causes the entire form to reset.

What I like to do is have 4 buttons. The Save and Exit is created by Scriptcase, and they work. I created a button labeled “Reset” which I’ve set to sc_exit(ref) meant to clear the form, that seems to work. The last button is just a “placebo” labeled “Calculate”. The entire calculations is already done in the background via PHP/AJAX. I would like that button to redirect _form1, 2 and 3 back to _form0.

Any ideas on how this can be done in Scriptcase?

Figure it out… I was using the wrong button type by having PHP make to the call to sc_exib_ocult_pag. Changing the button to JS and it worked!

Hello is this website working? Not even a forum troll?


It works.

Signed: Apache

ngosecurity, i was searching and found this thread, i have similar problem with container application, it has no buttons at all, so if the user is working on container application on mobile he can’t go back to main menu! i was thinking of a way to create a button in the footer or header to make the user able to go back to menu? any idea can help in this is appreciated… here i put this as new thread as well so everybody can benefit from it!&p=26334#post26334