Need to refresh page on mobile after update to v8.1.38


I have a project working on smartphone, but after updating to v.1.38 I need to refresh some grid and form apps to work with ??? Not all but , why ???

I tried with : deleting cache, generate all project with librairies and deploy it , nothing was changed

What can be ?

Same problem… just to avoid problems with mobile i decided to force in desktop mode adding this to ApplicationInit event in login app

$_SESSION[‘scriptcase’][‘display_mobile’] = false;

Thanks for your answer but in my case it doesn’t work ??

Someetimes yes and sometimes no !!!
Amazing, a working project is now not working correctly and nothing to do ?

User needs to refresh page after sc_redir on tablet and smartphone but works correctly on pc ??

I am having the same issue…using Android…I refresh, then the form or Friday show up…

Found sort of a solution…

Simply change “open in new tab” to yes and the need for refreshing goes away…

It does change the layout a little, but for me, it actually improved it.

Hopefully someone find this helpful