Nested grid problem?

I have a grid containing products and a nested grid containing parts for these products. In order to edit product records I create an Edit link which allows me to display an Add New button on the toolbar of the main grid. I also have the Add New button on the Edit link form. On the parts nested grid I also create an Edit link to a parts form in order to edit and add new parts. All is well up to now.

The scenario I am having a problem with is this. I want to add a new product, this is done by choosing one of the two Add New buttons as described above. Once the product is saved there is no way from the grids to add parts to this new product.

Do I have to go down the root of making the product form a master/detail form with the parts as the detail or is there a way of replicating this through the grids (I don’t see how as the toolbar for the nested grid isn’t displayed).

Any thoughts would be appreciated

i did a huge nested grid… i can try to help… but .can u give a snapshot