New button not shown in grid calling form


Suppose a grid application without Detail options and with application link to a form :
in the link properties, I said YES to “Display button (new row) on the grid toolbar”

  • when you run directly grid , the NEW button is shown correctly on grid
  • when you run the grid from a Treemenu application , the New button is not shown ???

the treemenu application is in a menu application who this last is called form a login form

Thanks for fixing this problem
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Issue reported to our bugs team.

Bernhard Bernsmann

New button not shown in grid/form application *** urgent now ***


I’m still blocked with this bug, one month ago I write a thread for this bug but no solution at this time !!!

Searching a solution, this bug appear in following case :

In login application create by security options for the project, there is a sc_redir(…) in ValidateSuccess

I changed it to link to my MENU application and in it there is a treemenu application called bu menu’s item. a treemenu item calls a grid application :
in this case New button is not shown
It’s the same with a form application , all forms buttons are hide .

If, I run directly the menu application buttons appears !!!

Please do something for that asap


Hi, I have the same issue, but calling grid from a menu bar. Any fix?

I have reported this here many times - unusually if you right-click on the frame with the detail and choose “refresh frame” the buttons appears!!

See this thread:

Thank you adz1111, i deleted the application and generated a new one with the same name, the behavior was the same, again deleted and created another one with a different name and the button appears. Crazy…

Hola, se le puede dar solución creando otra grid con otro nombre, lo mismo el formulario le cambias el nombre