New in SC and forms

Hi all , I have a basic question , but I have not been resolved , I have two tables in my database, one for purchase orders ( F1 ) and one with the direction of my clients ( F2 ) ,I have one form designed to the Orders and I want to select the name of the client in F1 and F2 take data and put them in the fields that I have ( address, phone, etc. ), I’m stuck in this. Thank you for your help

The first step would be to create a simple lookup to retrieve the data. You can select more than one field to combine them to a full string, i.e. with html to format them. Another options would be to create a caption link to select the name and add a ajax event onchange to perform your own query and apply the data to your formfields.

Have you used Database>SQL Builder to build the sql, and then use the results in the SQL of your form