New Themes - where I can download it ?

Hello SC Users!

Is there any place, where I can download new themes created and shared by SC Users ? Predefined themes looks like 5y old applications. Do you know any place when I can browse new created themes which style is similar to Boostrap or other nice?

Thanks for answers.

It’s a great Idea to have some space to exchange goodies like this. But IMHO currently there is no such place.

Thanks aducom. To share created Themes SC should have Export/Import functions to do it. Could you please set this functionality as “requested feature”?

I imagine that I have a Client which using commercial application “A”. When I will be able to create theme with look like this commercial application then users will not be surprised that they are using windows from other app (main) under their application web-paths. E.g. Client is using specific WordPress Theme. I will going to create application for specific WP theme with my own Theme and than shouldn’t spend a time for custom modifications under WP and SC.