No export in grid possible

In one of my release 9.3 projects suddenly all export features don’t work anymore, i.e. export to Word, Excel, XML, CSV, RTF.
Export to PDF and printing works well.
When I work in the offline programming version on my PC all export buttons work well, but not in the version on my webserver.

I checked all export settings in the grids.
I checked the rights settings of the tmp directory on the server.
I completely uploaded all files of the project, including all _lib files.

Has anybody an idea what to do?

Thanks and best regards,

Hi there,

I have exactly the same problem, in fact when trying to export to excel or other format different to pdf, the page freeze out and the <back> button does nothing.

Thanks for help!


I have problems exporting to Excel or CSV.I’ve spent several weeks trying to find a solution, but I couldn’t find one. The support area has not been able to help me solve the problem and has confirmed that it is a direct scriptcase problem.

In my case I have verified that: [LIST=1]

  • If you want to export large numbers of records, (in my case 76500) Scriptcase cannot handle it and it freezes at the time of export.
  • If to create your grid application you use a SQL Server View or an SQL statement that involves several JOINs, Scriptcase fails to handle it at the time of export.
  • Scriptcase manages to export large numbers of records if they are all from a single table. But I have verified that it does not always manage to do it.
  • Although version 9.4.001 states that this is corrected, it is not so. The problem persists. [/LIST] Unfortunately, I have not been able to find a solution to this and I am waiting for a positive response from the technical support area.

    Technical support suggested that I use phpspreadsheet to make exports manually, and in principle it sounds like a good possibility. But although the support area tells me that this library is compatible with scriptcase, they do not provide any help on how to configure it to work because they indicate that it is a third-party library. With this response, you remain the same without help and with many hours of research and testing to achieve the export that should be done efficiently by the function that scriptcase incorporates.

    I hope you can understand me since my knowledge of English is limited.