Odd update issue

Ok, there are updates, I go to the update screen. It tells me that there are hundred and something files to be updated. Clicked ok and… waited forever. Now I have the situation that SC is telling me that there is a update, but if I try it sais that everything is ok??? Apearantly not but…

Ok, this morning I could update and the issue is resolved.

I’ve got this error:

[B][SIZE=1]Ricerca di aggiornamenti disponibili

Analizzando i file di sistema …

La ricerca di aggiornamenti disponibili …[/B]
Fatto. Il servizio richiesto ? inaccessibile. Potrebbe essere temporaneamente gi?. Verificare la connessione Internet.[/SIZE]

Update service is down again:
Operating above correctly in the computer. Environment unmodified. Verified no active firewall.

"Search for Available Updates

Analyzing system files…

Searching for available updates…
Done. The requested service is inaccessible. It might be temporarily down. Verify your Internet connection."

I’ve informed SC, but it’s (very) early in the morning there.

FWIF we just upgraded w.o. problems.