On-Demand Webinars


I do not know, if I am the only one, but when I try to open page 2 or 3 of the older webinars, I only get the first page …



I get both pages, although there’s only one entry on page 2. But they all are on youtube, so I guess not so hard to find. My webinar is the first in the list but there where more so I think SC hasn’t been updating this page.

^^ Albert, the counter on my page tells me that there shall be three pages … ^^

Are we talking about the same page? http://www.scriptcase.net/scriptcase-webinars/

I think yes we do:


funny, but I have this…


Albert, on your screen click on the right arrow …

Reinhart, then I only see one webinar as I mentioned above and the same pages.

Ah …, it has something to do with the language, you can select at the upper right. Try “deutsch” (or other non english language) and you have the error. I would also like to make english as default but the website is set it back always.

Yes, I see it now. Funny how they translate the site but leave the rest in English…

Reinhard, install an english browser, or may be, if this does not help, surf on the scriptcase website with an us/uk ip adress :wink:

That’s weird but sometimes it is like that with website localization. And sometimes the tool used has bugs and issues…