Onload go to specific page in form

I found this bit of code:


If put in the onLoad event it takes me to page 56 of my form but the spinning “Processing” animation stays on the screen.

Anyone know how to get it to work?


hi, can you ber more specific. ea is your purpose to jump to a page for secific users?

My purpose is to open a multiple record form in single record mode to a specific page.

My use is that I created a button called “Duplicate Record” which is like the “Copy” button Scriptcase has, but it copies the current record and all its detail records. (I have two tables, not one table) and then I want to redirect them back to the new record that was just inserted.

I know what the ID is of the record and can send it as a variable for the onLoad event to go to the specific record.
It does this, but the “Processing” animation stays in front of it… in the background I can see that it did change to the correct record… but I dont want the animation to be stuck there.