only show work week in calender

Is there a way to only show mon till friday in the calendar. and hide options like month and the arrows?

it is possible with css

display: none for fc-sat & fc-sun
change fc-day-top width. If you use a fixed width the layout will be correct when viewing in different resolution. So may you could set the width of fc-day-top to the width of the column using jquery $(".class_field").width()

Another way to make your own fullcalendar in a blank app and set it to week days only using the dayoftheweek parameter

he thx. any idea how i can do this in code. tried several things nothing seems to work.

“display: none”);

   .fc_sat{display:none !important;}

But you will have to change more things in the layout.

thanks for the help, but i can’t get this working. seems that the code doesn’t affect anything…

it should be
fc-sat NO UNDERSCORE but MINUS sign