Open user's browser in a tab


I want to be able to open the user’s browser in a tab. The following javascript will open a blank page which is what I initially want. However, because it’s a page, it opens a new page in the user’s browser outside of a tab or container. I want the page to open within a tab or container.

Any thoughts much appreciated.

Thank you.


You simply can’t. The only thing you might try it to create an IFrame in the tab and apply a url to it. As it is difficult to simply create an Iframe in a control application, you should try to create a blank application in a tab and then create custom code for the IFrame.

Hi Albert,

I have it slightly working, but I get this error when a web page is started in the tab (in this case it’s wikipedia site):

“You don’t have permission to access /scriptcase/app/t1_01/blank_iframe_wikipedia/â?‚??„?http://www.wikipedia.comâ?‚??„? on this server.”

Thanks again for your help.