Option to view the diagnosis in the production environment

From the changelog for version 9.9.014:

  • “Added option to view the diagnosis in the production environment. We recommend deleting the info and diagnosis files in the production environment.

Does anyone know any detail on this option?
Where can I enable it?
What does it do?
And how do I delete the “info and diagnosis files in the production environment”?

Hi, you can find them on _lib folder as info.php and diagnosis.php


Thanks gbillot3, but I don’t have those files in the prod environment.
Also, where is this new “added option to view…”?
If it’s an option I shoud be able to enable\disable it somewhere, right?

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When you make a deploy those files are included inside the _lib folder. In development environment there are in scriptcase/devel folder. I am not sure if there’s an option for this.

It is highly recommended to remove these files in production (when the site goes well) for security reasons. Regards

they should be there, i deleted mine. your lib folder may have a different name, which you give when you deploy a project.
so the option is not really an option but a security advice. you can just delete those files (via ftp client) or move them to a secured folder in case you need to diagnose sometimes.