Page with a link

How can I costumize the export page/dialog with link?
I would like some remove buttons, only the button “Download” should remain.
I would like to display the filename.
is it possible all?
See screen what i mean. Thx


No Idea? Nothing?
Only JavaScript Manipulation? Not god!

customize a control application, you can name your button as your wish.
then you control application to open the grid with excel (open directly).
Good Luck.

if I open “directly”, but such dialog will be open anyway or am i wrong?
I’v tried it, I think so, but such dialog comes with.

Use customized control application to open Grid.
You should set grid initial open as excel.
then you setup grid option Export /Export types/Excel/ Open Excel Directly.
Good luck.

I’ve tried it, but I get such Dialog anyway
The files is downloaded, but the dialog is opened anyway
It’s German, but it is clear what I mean, do you get such dialog?

Of course i can change the deployed code, but it’s not good, then I need it by every changes & deploy do such things, dont like it :frowning:

I created a control application , and then I use button to sc_redir(grid_xxx,para=xxx);
system download the file, and leave a blank page. not dialog appear.
grid_xxx set openexcel directly.

which version of the browser do u have?

I use chrome Version 80.0.3987.100 (Official Build) (64-bit).

I have Chrome
I do the same things and get this dialog, may be something wrong, I will create once again the customized Grid.

anyway ->

but it is not nice to leave a blank page? All my applications are under Menu-Application
I would like to show something after download, it should be friendly to the user

You can write code in grid /onscriptinit , say any message on blank page. :grinning: