pass array into select field

Hi to everybody!
I have a problem: i have to extract data from database, process them and then pass them into a select field.
Can i do that with scriptcase 8?



I think is not possible, You must create a sql for your Select Field.

explain a bit more please, why do you need to do so?, what kind of process?.


If you can get that processing done in an sql query then it is just basic scriptcase stuff. If it is a bit harder you can create a procedure in your database that processes it.
Of course there are other solutions so more info would be usefull.

Thanks for your answers!
I explain my problem: i have about 50 rows in a table; i have to select that rows, edit that with a php script and put them in a select field.
I thought about another solution with a temporary table but there is another problem: if i have a select sql with a lot of rows result, how can i pass to the next row?

Thanks to everybody

something tells me that you are overthinking this… try to do the same you do with php in mysql or mssql (dont know your db) maybe you can do it that way.


I solve the problem using this code:

sc_select(rs, $check_sql);

$valore_campo_zero = $rs->fields[0];
$valore_campo_uno = $rs->fields[1];


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mik89, you are my hero today - 6 years later LOL. This is EXACTLY what I was trying to do, in order to get a list of query results into an email. Thanks so much for sharing your solution.