Passing grid records (IDs) to PDF Report Page

Hello all scriptcase members,

I am having some issues with something I thought would be easy but became challenging. So two questions.

  1. Can the grid export PDF be customized? so it can have desired headers, comp logo, address, etc… Digging in the scriptcase forum, I take it as not possible as it dynamically generates a file but not sure if there is a css it uses that can be modified.

Since I could not do #1, I ended up creating a PDF report and customized as per requirement. Added a button on the grid, so when clicked, it should pass all the ids of the current grid results to the PDF report page. But this is where I am stuck.

What is done:
On the PDF report, I created a where clause which sets it as a global variable and I set it to be IN so the report expects the ids to be passed on to it, and works fine.

On the grid, I created a global variable using the SQL section and set it to be OUT.

On the grid, I’ve added a button and onclick, added

sc_redirect(“app_SkywayLoadReport”,$ids, “_blank”);

However, no value is passed.

How should I get the list of that idtran based on the grid results and pass that list to the report page?

Thank you in advance