Passing parameters to a menu link

I have a horizontal menu that loads a number of apps in its iframe based on selections made.
I have an app to be selected from the menu that starts up differently depending on the parameters passed to it.
I need to have multiple menu items that call this same app but pass different parameters to it based on which menu item is selected.
How do I get a menu item to pass a parameter to the app?

There’s a menuevent onexecute where you can look at the selected value and do the necessary stuff like setting parameters. Best way I guess would be using globals.

Menu -> Event -> onExecute:

$item = {sc_menu_item};    

    case "item_9":
        // Customer
        [glo_CustomerID] = 2;

    case "item_10":
        // Customer
        [glo_CustomerID] = 99;

    case "item_22":
        // End, delete cookie
        [glo_DeleteCookie] = true;

        // do nothing

Thanks to both of you for the help.