Paypal integration?

Has anyone integrated Paypal payment gateway in an application with SC9?
Have any example code to share?
Looking through the forums I am a bit hesitant to even start…

Hi, i can see SC has an option for Paypal:
Tools → API ->in form Field PORT:

Ahh ok thanks for that…
Does anyone know if this is possible?
Set up a generic PayPal payment gateway that is set with session variables.
Then when a Client Logs in it sets those variables depending on what Paypal store they are connected to.
When they click Check Out it takes them to the proper Paypal Gateway.

I think you can use a macro:
sc_webservice(“Method”, “URL”, “Port”, “Send Method”, “Parameters Array”, “Setting’s Array”, “Timeout”, “Return”)

A tutorial on this would be great. Anyone in touch with Jamie Oates?