PDF generated without password

Hi all,

When exporting to PDF and selecting the option to use a password, the exported PDF has no password. The option appears to do nothing.

This was working in version 9.4. I have just upgraded to latest.

Is this a known issue?


I just tested with latest version and the password option works


I goto export → PDF. Enter in the password in the password field and then click OK. I get a PDF file with no password.

Yes, I have seen this happen where I had set the password to a defined password for PDF, but it was erratic. So not to be trusted and now can no longer rely on it.
So now revert to prompting for the password (require password left blank)
Not perfect.

Wish that Excel could save as a password-protected file not as a zip protected file - then would use that instead.


Anyone have any ideas how to fix this bug?

I have not looked at this for a while. Sorry.
Maybe ask Scriptcase via chat window online?
I had had two recent requests and was surprised at getting a quick answer.
Let me know if you do get an answer though as I will go fix it too!