PDF-Invoice Printing

I have seen the tutorial for the pdf-invoice. In this tuturial you use a background picture as the basic layout for the invoice. The printed field were placed with their x and y-Coordinates. This seems to be the reason for invoices with only one page.

But what must i do if the order-items (the body of the invoice) increases above the only one page?

A solution would be, that i can use the background picture only for the first page, the other pages would be blank (before filling it with order-items).

How can i realize that?

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Hans-Joachim Herr

Re: PDF-Invoice Printing

I have done the following:
i put the image in project library…and use


after each sc_pdf_add_page(); in the code…

or if i have subselect

i put the image inside the subselect code…

note: Instead of putting whole image as a background, i used a small logo on the top of pdf and used

sc_pdf_rect(); and sc_pdf_line(); to give structure/look to pdf / invoice…

tried to use image first but was blurry…

Re: PDF-Invoice Printing

Thank you Ishvor!

Meanwhile I use a small logo on top, the rest was done witch scriptcase coding. Works great.

Re: PDF-Invoice Printing

No problem. Glad it worked :slight_smile:


Re: PDF-Invoice Printing

these are my references;

It is important that the type “Records per line” is set in the pdf application. If set to this, you will get the “Display header” and “Display footer” switches on the right side of the “Layout pdf” interface. Then there will be the “Layout pdf…Interface” section: Header, Body, Footer section. The bottom line is that the Body is constantly able to display items and each page will have a head and footer like a multi-page account!