PHPMailer - Error sending email using Gmail

Hello - I am using PHPMailer to send emails from my Scriptcase app hosted on AWS. i am using the. SC 9.21 version and v5.5 of the phpmailer app. Since may 30th Google mail disabled the username and login method using enable less secure app option. I tried to follow the phpmailer and google instructions to create but seem to have difficulty getting it to work. Can you provide step by step - simple instructions to do this or point me to a place or person that can?

I used the following link to enable - but i cant get it to work.

I also tried enabling 2 factor authentication and generated an app password - that didn’t work either…

Anyone have a similar issue?

This issue frustrated me so I ran off to use Amazon SES. Curious as to the solution though.

I tried with other popular emails - yahoo, gmail, live, hotmail etc. It appears all have disabled "allow less secure apps’. I had success where i created an account on Zoho mail which does allow third party apps without using the XOAUTH or OAUTH2 authentication. You can also add an email address - i.e. your gmail address and use it in your sent from gmail address if you desire to still use the gmail email account. I actually like the app, The have business and personal email options. the personal email is free to sign up. This will give some time to figure out the PHPMailer code for the XOAUTH or OAUTH2 authentication