Place field output between bracket

Hi there,

ik have a grid that i wan’t to export to csv. because the file had to upload to a different program some field has to be placed in brackets.

for most of the fields i use lookup with concat to solve this. works fine.

but i have two date fields that has the format Ymd (field {DATE}) that get’s me a bit confused

i made an new field an do this but that gives me various resluts

{NEW_FIELD} = " ’ {DATE} " '; //results ‘2021-02-01’ instead of ‘20210201’ (i leave spaces between the brackets to show you, in fact i place them without the spaces)
{NEW_FIELD} = ’ " {DATE} " '; //results in error " $this->DATE "

any suggestions in how to place the DATE field in " " brackets?

btw, you sure you used this? " ’ {DATE} " ’
double and single quotes don’t match the proper opening\closing sequence.

try this:

thanks that solves the brackets but the format of the {DATE} field is now "2021-02-01 " (space behind the last number?) and should be “20210201” (format of the {DATE} filed is set to Ymd) i can’t figure out how to do that.

{NEW_FIELD} = “”{DATE}""; gives "2021-02-01 " and should be “20210201”

any suggestions?