Please be Patient notice during insert

Hey guys
Am wondering if there was way to add like a modal window or notification on insert of a form.
Thing is I have a form which takes about 30-40secs to process as there is alot going on and it looks like nothing is happening and I wouldnt want a user to think that its not working, so I figured a pop up with “please be patient” or “processing” or something like that…

Any ideas would be great on how to achieve that!?

Thanks in advance!

cant really tell me that nobody has an ideas on how to achieve this or has never wanted this in their app?
Come guys somebody have a bright spark and give me some ideas pls…

Hallo jamieO,
you might consider using a library which is available in SC 9.

We’re using this library to show another control-application to input additional data, process that and return.
It’s not exactly what you need, but maybe you can modify it:

// load library thickbox
sc_include_lib (“jquery_thickbox”);

// generate a button to call the popup windows with the Scriptcase application ‘email_select’ inside the popup
// using a field of type lable named {edit_to} where the new button to be shown
$string_link = sc_make_link(email_select, work_on=‘to’;selected_email_id={to});
{edit_to} = ‘<a href="’ . $string_link . ‘&TB_iframe=true&height=500&width=800&modal=true" class=“thickbox scButton_small” title=“Empf?nger bearbeiten” style=“vertical-align: middle; display:inline-block;”>’ . ‘Empf?nger bearbeiten’ . ‘</a>’;

// close the popup, to be placed inside the code of the popup applictaion, for example at the end of ValidateSuccess
echo “<script>self.parent.tb_remove();</script>”;

Hope this helps.

Best regards

Gunter Eibl (German) - some Scriptcase & PHP tipps (English) (German)

look at this solution works fine and is simple:…your-projects/

some nice ideas thanks guys :slight_smile:

so back again :slight_smile:
I went with the pace.js option as it seemed to be the best idea and it looked pritty nice.
But I havent been able to get it working on form submit.
I have tried on the “onValidate” event and also “OnValidateSuccess”, each of which the script only launches after the form has finished which is pritty useless.
So I tried adding it to the onload event and attaching it to the submit button, but here it just loads on page load and not on button press…

This is whay I got so far:

<link rel=“stylesheet” type=“text/css” href="<?php echo sc_url_library(‘prj’, ‘pace-load’, ‘pace/themes/corner-indicator.css’); ?>" />
<link href=“ext/pace/pace.css” rel=“stylesheet” />
<script src="<?php echo sc_url_library(‘prj’, ‘pace-load’, ‘pace/pace.js’); ?>"></script>
$(document).on(‘click’,’#sub_form_b’, function(e) {

Any further help in getting this sweet little thing working would be great.

Thanks in advance guys.

Me funciono perfecto!. Gracias por el aporte

A while back I installed the pace folder
I use this to call it
On app init event