Please Explain License

I have a lifetime license for one developer. I received a notice that even though I have a lifetime license, it will work for a year after purchase date but I won’t receive upgrades. So my lifetime is a year? What lifetime license doesn’t get upgrades? Isn’t that the purpose of a lifetime license? I don’t believe I’ve worked with any software that a lifetime license doesn’t get you…lifetime with whatever upgrades come with it. Is this typical? So if I had bought a year license wouldn’t it be the same?

You receive all the updates for 1 year. If you don´t pay an extension you can use it for ever but without improvements and updates. Just for the last version of the expired year

Yeah, it seems to be the case. Very odd licensing strategy actually compared to others I’ve worked with. At this point if I buy a new annual license every year it is $499/year. If I do a “lifetime” license every year it is $419. Unless I’m really missing something I should have gone annual from the start!!!

Tip: Wait for black friday. I always renew it saving money.
Tip2: Add % of the renewal to your clients

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When is Black Friday?

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24 de noviembre. Saludos.


I will definitely watch for it. Thanks for the tip!

After not using Scriptcase in the past 2 years. I started to reuse it.
I have a lifetime license.
Out of the box everything works, just new features like the dynamic menu is not enabled due to the license which is expired and to old.
Another annoying part is that most example projects don’t work anymore.
Sometimes in the same project, I get error messages about a feature I can’t use and I also get messages because a thene SC9_softcloud_sm is not available and has been replaced.
Those samples are not well tested with each upgrade it seems.