Please Fix bugs in a Menu builder

I discovered that the MENU App has many, many bugs. So far I worked with the system that could open certain Apps directly without using a SC menu. Recently created a menu and working with it is a nightmare :frowning:
Items do not get updated after change
Same happens with links
Right now I have 2 duplicated items (one was removed earlier, but still shows up on the menu)
The link on the menu points to the GRIP App, but when run it opens a FROM app

It is a total disaster !!! In this stage SC7 should not even go to the public
I don’t know about others, but this is the worst development experience with SC for me ever.
I need this part of SC fixed ASAP. At this moment basically creating a fully workable project is impossible :frowning:


I have other issues, but not as bad as you I guess. The duplicate issue I can confirm, I’ve had them a lot of times. To prevent the issue I recall the menu screen after each change. Similar issue is working with containers. This has similar issues of not saving or corrupting if you don’t save and redo your form. But I agree that SC should fix these issues, it’s not nice to work around them all time. But I’m repeating myself (again…)

Hello Arthur,

Have you started to experience those issues with our latest release? SC v7.1.010?

Issues reported to our bugs team.

Bernhard Bernsmann

That I cannot confirm, because while working with SC6 I have not used menu Apps at all. I did not also use menu in SC7, so the only thing I can confirm is that it definitely happens in SC7.1 and if you review other posts you will see other users having lots of problems with menus as well.