"Please wait" message with Run button

Is there a way to show a “Please wait” message or a gif image while processing records with a Run button in a Grid app?

I am looking for a similar thing in all the application. Few times especially while sending email it takes 2 to 3 minutes for script case to return back to control and during such time the user does not have any idea whats going on.

Does anyone have any idea for this? I’m also looking for a solution to show wait window while processing some data inside a RUN button in grid application

Hi aari77,

I needed such a functionality some time ago.

You’ll find a short description how to implement it at:

Unfortunately the description is German, but maybe it can help you.



I have done something will share the code by tomorrow

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I have written a common method in an internal library and then call the below from the procedure when it is processing


[WaitImage] is the global variable and here i have loaded a animated gif in the beginning taking from a record set as below

[WaitImage]=’<img src=“data:image/jpeg;base64,’ . base64_encode( {rs[0][0]} ) . '” />’;

The above echo_message method is as below.

function echo_message($str_message)
echo ‘<div class=“wait”>’ . $str_message . ‘</div>’;
echo str_pad(’’,4096)."

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a screenshot of the result?

i have done a similar thing, but very easy. Above is i think better, but this works also.
change the background of the grid and use a gif with spinning wheel or something. When the records are loaded the background is visible and you see the gif, when the results are showed the background is under it.

Rotrax, yours is a clever idea. I think this will work only for Grids, however the solution what I have given will work even if you are doing some background operation (say some updates or inserts to some temporary tables etc…) and then going to another application.

you can also call nmAjaxProcOn(); and nmAjaxProcOff(); javascript functions in various scenarios e.g. https://forum.scriptcase.com.br/t/exemplo-mostrar-mensagem-padrao-processando-no-filtro-da-consulta/18558

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