Point of sale with save data option

Hi there.

I have followed the pos demo all 3 parts and require some suggestions on how to achieve the following.

Id like to select customer (with details) and the customer vehicle (with details) saved along with the insert sales items instead of printing to a pdf receipt.

I own a car wash and as it stands, when the customer arrives, Id like to select (or add) the customer with details and then add a customer vehicle linked to the customer.

Those sections work fine. I also added them into the sales grid.

I’d then like to select services and products (multiple) attached to the job for the customers vehicle and then save the “job card” as a record with a specific “open” state and then once the job is complete and all selected services are effected (or more services and products added to the job card) then I can select the state as closed and create a pdf invoice aswell as save the entire job card record with products and services in the database so I may call on it later for reports or charts or just viewing.

At the moment it seems like once the pay button is hit on the sales dashboard, the blank pdf control box is opened with the pdf receipt and that’s it, no records are saved?

So there’s 2 things I need to achieve.

  1. Be able to “open” a “job card” with services na d products and then save the job card in open state until we are ready to close it.
  2. Be able to save the “job card” with all details, including customer, vehicle, services and products and totals in the database to view or edit later.

Looking forward to feedback, thanks a mil!

This is from a novice, but…

  1. create a DRAFT button and write code to insert/save info
  2. When you click on the save job, do u have any insert code in the “BeforeSave” event?