Problem Debugging Navigation With Form


I have a single record master/detail form, with navigation enabled in the toolbar. When it first loads, it successfully loads the data for the first record. When I click to progress to the next record, I get the spinning “processing” pop-up, and I can see the data appear for the next record, but the “processing” pop-up stays and focus does not return to the form. It effectively hangs.

I can appreciate you may not be able to help solve the issue with this little info… but I am completely stuck with debugging the problem. I have tried inserting 'echo’s in my code to see if there is a problem with any code I have written, but nothing is showing up so far. I can’t even work out if any of my code is actually running when I navigate to the next record, other than onLoad, which does seem to conclude successfully based on an ‘echo’ I put in the that code.

With everything else I have tried, the “Processing” pop-up (which appear immediately I navigate to the next record) covers up what might be displayed when I turn on Ajax Error Output (I can’t even see if anything is there), and when I turn on ‘Debug’ mode, I cannot get focus on anything (including the Ajax Error Output pop-up) to scroll through the DB access command because the “Processing” pop-up has control - I cannot see if I have hit some kind of DB access error.

There are no errors in the mysql.log. And nothing in apache logs. Could something be logged elsewhere?

Can I turn the ‘processing’ pop-up off (somehow) so I can get some focus onto the Ajax Error Output pop-up?

Are there any other places I should be looking for errors, or some other trick to debugging or looking for where this is running off the rails?

I am using SC 9.7.10 on a Mac if that makes any difference.

Any assistance appreciated.


Remove any code from your vents… one block at a time to see if the issue goes away…

You may end up rebuilding your page from scratch and see if the problem persists.

Thank you for your reply @nwdbs. Much appreciated. I suspected I was going to go through this process of elimination. I was hoping for something a bit more sophisticated, but I guess the toolset doesn’t really lend itself to that well. I did started deleting various buttons, functions etc., disabling features. The problem remained.

In the end I had a form which was similar to the one that no longer worked, which is used by a group of users where functions are restricted. I copied the form and proceeded to add the features (extra buttons, functions etc.) to the newly created form - I just copied the code behind the buttons from the form that no longer worked.

In the end I have effectively the same form as the one that stopped working, but without the defect.

I am still have no idea what went wrong with the first one, which just sounds very flakey to me. That form is now ‘history’ - I just deleted it.

Thanks for your help.

Sometimes its little things that can mess it up and get by undetected…
a double $$… sometimes a double ;; as well.